Making the most of every inch of this town centre complex of luxury apartments, the developer – TAG Exclusive Properties – asked us to design a communal roof garden for the site. Leamington Spa is a town with many small parks, which act as green lungs within a busy urban area.

The roof gardens have a clean lines design, with maximum greenery as a relief to the hardness of  adjoining buildings and hardscape and to continue the Leamington parks theme.  The space provides residents with a haven from busy town life which is literally outside the garden gate. 

Accent areas of patterned tiles provide visual interest and planters of varying heights divide up the space, provide privacy between the different areas of the gardens and bring depth and interest to the space.

The planting continues along the same lines…

Amelanchier trees in stunning white concrete pots give year round interest with white blossom in spring, bright red hips and orange-yellow leaves in the autumn.  Low hedging in the lower containers contrasts with tall, upright grasses that look good almost year round, which stand up high in the lower planters.  The planting is accented over the course of the year by bulbs. 

All in all, this is a stunning scheme which is incredibly low maintenance.