A gorgeous little project – a modern, urban courtyard garden.  We have made the most of this garden which was rather limited in space.  The client wanted to keep her swing seat and wanted a garden that linked well with the stylish, contemporary interiors of her home.  The garden also had to be able to cope with her exuberant puppy!

We have given the client a well-organised and stylish layout that makes the most of the space and gives the eye plenty to behold too!

Interlocking spaces on split-levels give some 3D interest to the garden and provide different options for areas to sit.  The pleached trees along the back boundary of the garden provide some height as well as screening a new housing development that is being built beyond the boundaries of the garden.    There is an overhead structure which holds the swing seat and allows for some vertical interest in the form of contemporary screens, some of which will be used for growing pretty climbers.  The paving is large sized porcelain in a clean, buff colour and we have used composite decking to match in with the paving, but provide a change in materials on the floor.

Textural planting will enhance the chic, contemporary style of the garden and give year round interest to this wonderful space!