A garden for a higgeldy piggeldy but very fine Cotswold stone house in the heart of the beautiful village of Great Haseley in Oxfordshire.  The house has been added to over the years resulting in a sophisticated home for our clients.  When we arrived, however, the garden was missing something; a mix of modern materials somewhat at odds with the warmth and softness of the stone used for the house and not at all inviting to venture out into, it needed some creative thought.

We proposed creating a generous terrace within the L-shape that the house created.  This provided a variety of different seating areas to be enjoyed at different times of the day, all surrounded by pretty perennial and topiary planting and small trees to knit the spaces together.  Smaller creeping plants are dotted around the edges and within the paving, breaking up the paving and ensuring that the space isn’t too hot and glaring in the full height of the day.

Leading to the end of the garden and a central bench is a pathway lined with lavender, roses and lollipop ligustrum trees which we rescued from the previous garden.  At the end of the garden is a stone wall, beyond which lies a lovely paddock, dotted with fruit trees.  To define the boundary between the garden and the paddock, but not to take away the views to the same, we created a raised bed, generously planted with low growing grasses, perennials, bulbs and shrubs that will perform well throughout the year.

All in all a really beautiful garden that is giving our clients a lot of pleasure.  We look forward to watching this garden grow and mature over the coming years!