A contemporary naturalistic garden design. The challenges of this garden lay in the site itself and its remote, exposed location as well as the integration of a new, cutting-edge contemporary home into the same.  The site was already partially landscaped too, so our design had to be overlayed onto an existing framework that could not be changed.  Wildlife was a major issue, so everything had to be deer-proof, rabbit-proof and weather proof.  The views from the house were spectacular though and as the ground swept away to the back, this gave us the perfect opportunity to be creative, but with subtlty.  The resulting garden is a mixture of contemporary minimalism around the house, with more naturalistic, wilder-looking schemes as you move away from the house into the countryside.  Key pots and sculpture draw the eye and add a bit of fun, as if the amazing view wasn’t enough to keep you happy!

Landscaping by Yewtree Contractors