This was our fifth project for TAG Exclusive Properties, who work primarily in Leamington Spa.  The building, an old municipal library, was  transformed into 29 luxury apartments, with an industrial feel to the interiors.  We have kept the landscapes very simple in the main, as light to the site is restricted.  We have used belgian pavers, polished concrete paving and a muted colour palette with accents provided by large planters, grasses and box hedging which will provide drama.  The exception to this is the front garden area which features huge areas of perennial planting, catching the eye of passers by and in general setting off the beautiful facade of this amazing historic building.  The perennials will bring colour, wildlife and movement to the site during the warmer months and will stand well into the winter, giving structure and interest during the colder ones.  Residents moved in during June 2014.  They are delighted with the landscaping, as is the developer, who firmly believes the landscapes helped sell the properties quickly and will contribute to the enjoyment of those living here for many years to come.

This project received a ‘Leamington Society Award’ for significant contribution to the town.  The award made specific reference to the landscaping of the project.