One of our favourite projects – a recently completed modern country garden for a stunning cottage in the heart of the beautiful village of Blewbury in Oxfordshire.  The former garden was on two levels and had steep sloping beds down to the lower level of the garden which were proving laborious to maintain.  Central steps made the garden feel overly formal.  We re-worked these into a more informal layout, using asymmetry and merging the steps into the surrounding tiered planting, making the garden feel less formal and maintenance easier.  The upper gardens feature predominantly lawns and wildflower meadow, with beautiful woven willow fencing along the boundaries and curved willow hurdles that sit within the wildflower areas, giving focus and movement to the scheme.  The resulting garden is both smart and informal – with relaxed and pretty planting, wilder areas further away from the house and plenty of places to perch to look after the planting or sit and enjoy a gin and tonic on a sunny summers evening.

We are very excited to watch this garden grow and develop in the coming years!