Design through & through: using the whole site

Tuesday 10 May 2016

It is widely know that we are hugely affected by our environment. A ray of sunshine after days of endless rain is a simple test on our emotions of the power of the visual world. The huge rise in the installation of pocket parks across our cities and the neverceasing growth of the National Trust at a time of general institutional shrinkage are just two of many many indicators that suggest what we surround ourselves with by choice is fundamental to our general wellbeing. 

Here at The Green Room we are seeing an increasing number of clients who like what we are offering: a design service that encompasses uniting the whole site, house and garden (and borrowed landscape too where we can) rather than looking at just one of these in isolation. If we are only going to work on the garden, we always make sure that we design from the house out. So you get great views from windows, good in-out access from doors and a garden that looks just as stunning when viewed from within the house as when you are outside in it - as, let's face it, living in the UK we can't always expect sunbathing weather all of the time! And if we are just designing the house, then views out are key too. Even if you have a small space to play with, using the outside areas to give a greater sense of space can change the whole face of a project.

So, before you think about moving house to get more space or dispair looking out of the window at your unused garden, ask us whether we think you could get more from your 'site' instead. We believe that even sites that seem hopeless to some, have potential for clever, thoughtful and appropriate design to be implemented to great and life changing affect.


Posted by Jennie Herrington, Wargrave, Berkshire