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Interior design Wiltshire
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We are not your typical interior designers.  In fact you could say that interior designer does not quite fit the bill.  We design homes.  We design homes for living.  We create new homes from old ones.  Homes that don’t quite work for you are our speciality.  This could be one you have just purchased, or one where you have been for quite a while that no longer fits your lifestyle.

We will change the interior layout of your home using creative design to make new spaces that do work.  Create a new room, a few new rooms, one big room, a granny annexe or a room far removed for noisy teenagers.  Spatial design, that is, designing spaces, uses the principle of routes of flow (how we move around a space) to create places that are a joy to be in.  If you live in a space and can’t work out how to improve things or feel bamboozled by the options that are open to you, then we can help.

You are at the centre of our service.  Your home is the next most important thing.  Then there are a whole raft of ideas, innovations and crafts that can be employed to create you a dream home.

What we offer...

  • Creative and practical spatial design to re-organise the layout of your home
  • Individualising the aesthetic style of your home – inside and out
  • Linking the inside with the outside to optimise use of the garden
  • Full project implementation and consultancy
  • Liaison with other professionals for specialist roles
  • Planning and building regulation management and applications
  • Access to an extensive list of used and approved quality trades- and craftspeople

Once we have agreed on how your home should look, we can help you make it.  Using a host of skilled trades and services that we have carefully sourced, we can work with them and you to implement the work, or we can take over the whole process so that you don’t have to be involved in the nitty gritty.

We would love to talk through your project with you, so do give us a call to discuss.

For interior and spatial design we cover all areas but mainly Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, London, Surrey, Wiltshire, Henley on Thames, Maidenhead, Marlow, Oxford, Reading, Thame and further afield as required.